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The Jobmapping tool explained

  Watch the video about certifications and how to Identify the right one.  

Get with the times.

Jobmapping is a recruitment tool. Its a tool that will change the industry. The music industry changed through Napster bringing music by download changing the whole recording industry overnight . Facebook introduced social media sharing ones life and helping to overthrow world dictators by rallying the people .Now a similar scaled innovation for I.T Recruitment is here in the tool provided by . This tool will change the face of I.T Recruitment and make it more of an exact busieness than chance and in line with the industries internal workings.

Jobsite, Jobserve, Monster I.T and others will simply fall by the wayside if effectivness to get the correct candidate is a comparison to using as a tool.. The I.T Recruiter hasrequired help for many years and now it has arrived as an effective tool . Simply register today and find out more .

Setting the Standard

A 100 companies can have a 100 different job titles for the same certified vacancy. aims to standardise Jobs and Job Titles based on the required certification for the vacancy.. uses the Vendor Certification programs to allow you to select the right job description and certification and therefore target the right people. identifies the certification and pushes the I.T recruiter to get exact details of what they are looking for by way of certification, remember this candidate may have taken upwards of 6-7 exams in their product to become an expert .

Clarification - Using Microsoft MCSE Certification as an example.

There are 5 Microsoft MSCE certification within 2 business streams (Server & Database) .Progressing to MCSE Certification on any of these business streams requires the candidate to complete a total of 7 exams. On reaching MCSE Certification they would have passed 2 other certification levels MTA (1 exam) and MCSA (4 exams). After the 5th Exam and gaining MCSA Certification the candidate then has to make another choice about what their final MCSE Certification will be to determine their career prefrence. To recruit a Microsoft Certified Engineer you have to have an understanding of which business stream and final career path you want the Engineer to be Certified in. allows you to do that not just for Microsoft but for all the main I.T. vendors.

Microsoft Certification Diagram

Selection by Certification

Microsoft is a simple example only having 6 business streams and 18 Certifications. Vendors such as SAP have a combination of over 500+ Certifications and IBM with over 300+ Certifications. An I.T. Recruitment Consultant or a Company seeking a candidate needs to know which certification is appropiate to the position because simply to say SAP certification is pointless. combines many different vendor certifications within one website and allows you to either advertise or view the job by certification as designated by the vendor certification and not the customer job title .